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The Lost Title Cards

Ravings of an Unrepentant Cinephile

I love movies. Go fig. I love watching them, making them, but I love talking aboutt them even more. I nerd out and get analytical as hell when I discuss themes in movies and TV series, whether it's an award-winning indie movie, or the latest fandom blockbuster.

Not the Geeks You're Looking For

A podcast about two mostly "hetero lifemates" screaming into the void about fandom and pop culture.

So...two best friends can't stop ranting about their favorite fandoms. What do they do? Start a podcast, of course. CW: We do swear in this show; we discuss adult themes and we get down and dive in to some of the more difficult topics in the biz today. Listener beware.

Changeling: The Ongoing Journey of an Aspie

Worldviews from an Aspien, on loan from the galaxy next door

Since my Autism Spectrum (AS) diagnosis in 2012, a whole new world opened up for me. Suddenly, so many things about myself and my life made so much more sense. I never stop learning about myself as an autistic person, so I decided to chart that journey. Along the way, I try to debunk a lot of the myths that pervade the story around autism, share resources, and add to the millions of us whose voices have been ignored by our society.